The objectives of the Foundation are as follows:
a) supporting the creative activity and promoting photographic output of the photographic creators worldwide,
b) promoting photography and other arts (including film and audio-visual arts) as the universal language facilitating free communication across borders and generations,
c) developing visual education of children and youth,
d) creating a platform for meeting of photography with sociology, ethnography, anthropology and other Humanities.

The Foundation accomplishes its statutory objectives through:
a) organizing seminars, symposia, workshops and trainings, as well as other forms of cultural and educational activity, and propagating and exchange of experience in correspondence with its objectives,
b) conducting activity connected with exhibitions, publishing, education, and promotion of culture,
c) collaboration with institutions for arts, publishing and promotion of culture, as well as museums,
d) cooperation with state and local authorities, institutions, political, social and non-governmental organizations for development and popularization of culture,
e) supporting and funding scholarships, especially for gifted children and youth from the poorest families.

To accomplish its objectives, the Foundation can support the activity of other legal persons and private individuals.

Reed a charter of theĀ „Culture of Image Foundation”.