Therapeutic Photography

The objective of therapeutic photography workshops is to take a good look at your emotions through a short-term therapeutic work using photography. The workshops are conducted by a psychotherapist and a photographer, both individually and in groups.

The use of photography in therapy consists, on the one hand, in working with the already existing photos (photos from family albums mainly), and on the other, in the purposeful visualization of content behind all kind of emotions, which makes it easier to discuss them.
We use family photos inspired by the approach of a Canadian psychologist and therapist, Judy Weiser, who claims that “They document not only where we have been, but also point the way to where we might perhaps be going.”

We get hold of our cameras and encourage the workshop participants to take photos, because the images help tame what is hidden and unsaid.

The workshops result in photos allowing to face the difficult, often painful, memories. The meeting with your own creativity and co-creating with a photographer inspire further artistic pursuits, increase the sense of agency, and so facilitate your self-development.